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Diamond CBD isn't just a CBD company, it's a complete ecosystem! From topical products to edible products, click to read everyhting about Diamond CBD. (2022-05-21) Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews CBD gummies dogs >> CBD Gummies Royal CBD, CBD gummies to quit nicotine Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews CBD gummies gold bee Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews. Diamond CBD is a large brand with a lot of different product types — but there are some major issues we found it hard to look past.

Diamond CBD Reviews: Does It Get You High? Is It A Legit Company?

If you’re in the market for a new CBD company that will really knock your socks off in terms of quality and selection, it might be time to walk away from some of the unknown companies that advertise heavily on the Internet.

Unfortunately, many people don’t find out until after the fact that they’re ordering products from companies that don’t have solid quality-control policies. Let’s talk about where to turn for premium gold quality, non GMO CBD products.

Dominating the CBD industry, Diamond CBD is a mainstream company that keeps that artisan, niche spirit alive throughout its collection of high-quality products. The benefit of going with a bigger retailer like this is that you’re getting better pricing with a bigger range of products.

It’s no exaggeration to say that you’ll find every type of full spectrum CBD oil, organic hemp extract, pure CBD tinctures and more from the 2020 Diamond CBD products collection. Here’s a table of contents for what I’ll go over in my review.

What Is Diamond CBD?

Stumbling upon this online treasure trove of quality CBD hemp goodies is like Christmas morning for health-aid users! This CBD company is interesting because it has a two-in-one component that makes it unique among online CBD stores.

You’re plugging into a direct manufacturer and a comprehensive, expansive marketplace of various brands when you’re browsing Diamond CBD products.

This is an award-winning brand that boasts having 10 of the leading CBD products on the market as part of its catalog.

Diamond CBD Oils

The Score: A huge selection of oils in various potencies covering full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD and CBD isolates.

With a collection of nearly 200 CBD oils to choose from, this should be the first place you look when shopping for CBD oil. One thing you’ll like is the way you can move “up the ladder” in terms of CBD strength with ease because potencies range from beginner to ultra-high.

On a CBD potency scale, these oils have CBD potencies ranging from 100 mg of CBD to 3,500 mg of CBD per package.

You’ll also find special blends that offer things like sleep support or stress report. Specialty oils infused with MCT oil and olive oil are designed to give a wellness boost with just a hint of added propulsion to get out there and live your day.

When it comes to flavor and type, the full catalog of Diamond CBD oil essentials is pretty hard to beat. You’ll find bombastic flavors like watermelon, French vanilla, honey, cappuccino and more. It’s really no exaggeration to say that this is the best selection of CBD oil flavors out there.

Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate CBD products are all represented quite nicely within this catalog of products. All of the items in the Diamond CBD oils collection are non-GMO, THC-free, pesticide-free products that are made in the United States using the highest standards.

Diamond CBD for Pets

The Score: More than two dozen CBD products tailor-made for four-legged customers. The only CBD store you’ll ever need for your pets!

Most outlets provide one or two standard products for pets. With Diamond CBD, you’re getting a full range of products designed specially with pets in mind.

The catalog consists of edibles (treats!) and oils for pets. What’s really nice is that Diamond CBD offers bundles with both CBD oils and edibles!

You’ll also appreciate the specialty aspect of this collection. In addition to standard wellness formulas, you’ll find oils and treats with formulas designed especially for small breeds, medium breeds and large breeds.

Products are also separated for cats and dogs to ensure that you’re giving your pet a truly tailor-made formula.

Diamond CBD Gummies & Edibles

The Score: Candies, yum yum gummies and treats that combine wellness with a sweet tooth!

Diamond CBD’s mini-market of edibles is where the real fun begins. There’s a huge catalog of Diamond CBD gummies in various potencies and flavors to browse in per-container dosages that range from 250 mg of CBD to 1,000 mg of CBD.

It’s easy to feel like a kid in a candy store while gazing at page after page of several Diamond CBD products like Liquid Gold gummies, CBD chill gummies, yum yum gummies, gummy worms, gummy bears, chill plus gummies and more. If you are looking for a fun and yummy CBD edibles source, Diamond CBD edibles are exactly what you need to fulfill your yum yum gummies and chill plus gummies cravings.

You’re also looking at chocolates, cake pops, shots and other sweets and treats infused with high-quality industrial hemp oil. Again, you can shop for everything from low-dosage treats to high-potency nibbles.

This is really the online store to focus on if you’re into tracking down specialty edibles that are hard to find. For instance, Diamond CBD sells infused banana chips, peanut butter, honey sticks, cooking oil and hot sauce.

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Now Tarrant not only felt tired, but also felt a little dizzy in his head.The effects of blood loss appeared when his consciousness had no burden.Relaxed, the best CBD gummies Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews he quickly fell asleep.When Tarrant opened his eyes again, there was still twilight outside the window screens.Around six o clock, it was rare to wake up so early without a plan.He rubbed his eyes and stood up.He Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews was sore and had to take a shower Years of adventurous life have given him no chance to take a bath, and he has no CBD gummies and prozac CBD gummies dispensary time to return to Sante for CBD gummies best Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews a few days.

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He leaned forward to observe carefully, and there were three neat gaps on the wall in front of him.The signs of movement are devices such as best CBD gummies 2021 Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews movable sliding doors.The elves don t seem to be deliberately hiding this.According to this speculation, the manufacturer s intention is to hope that the entrants choose one is it legal to order CBD gummies online Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews of the doors to activate the Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews:Best CBD Gummies Of 2022 aisle.After such a long time of corrosion, they may have been rusted to death.Tarrant s left palm lightly pressed the second valve to advance, and how many mg CBD gummies for sleep the wall immediately sagged slightly.

Rand backed out.It was very rude to trespass the house.Footsteps sounded upstairs, no, it was a stomping sound, this It was a signal, Tarrant looked up at the ceiling, the sound was right above, someone was asking Tarrant to go upstairs, pickpockets would not do that, Tarrant suddenly Knowing that he was 100 mg CBD gummies reddit hooked by fishing, no wonder he always saw the back of the pickpocket at the corner, and the other party deliberately waited for Tarrant to chase after him.Who would use this method, Tarrant went to the stairs, if it was an enemy, he could ambush when he entered the door, so the other party just wanted to meet Tarrant.

The two cavalrymen who were dismissing and leaving the Naian Town Cavalry Team should have been adjusted recently.Tarrant breathed a sigh of relief.He sorted out a rough possibility., After the battle at Tingwo Mountain, the empire reduced the army of Nai an Town, and some soldiers who made mistakes were kicked out of the team, but this did not make sense.The loss boosted CBD gummies 210 mg of the cavalry CBD gummies boise team was very large.Have you heard of that weird thing .A soldier drank hot water and said softly, Haunted house.

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The soldier glanced at it, with a blank expression.No one in the team knew the black striped fish.Jim took out another encyclopedia, Here records the habits of the black striped fish.This is a magical species, full of inspiration.Why do you say that Tarrant returned the note to him.It lives in bounce supplements CBD gummies bears a dark place, and when it sees sunlight, it will change very how ild do you have to be for CBD gummies wonderfully.I have studied the island, and the facts are full spectrum sugar free CBD gummies surprising.Jim quickly scanned his notes and reviewed past research.

Katrina raised her face, no longer withered, You hope Lying like this for half my life Of course not, Tarrant explained hastily, I mean best gummy CBD Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews I d like to take care of you, Katrina added quickly.Tarrant seemed to be petrified on the bed.But I know you won t stop here, you are more tenacious than the bed bugs in the corner , Katrina reluctantly picked up the desert plum and stuffed it into Tarrant s mouth, The feces in the distance will attract you to keep going He bit CBD sample pack gummies her finger.That fruit dissolves conservative reason, and the tip of the tongue kisses the lover s senses, bordering on madness.

What happened last night needs to be hemp bombs CBD gummies 125 mg reported to Ryan., and about Brenger, Tarrant always remembered, and he botanica farms CBD gummies must find a way to help him.It will be another full day.Tarrant walks downstairs with the armor in his arms.The maid is already busy in the hall.Tarrant can t remember her name.It seems to be Emily.He asked Stuart.Are you up The maid turned to see Tarrant when CBD gummies for arthritis walmart she heard the voice, and quickly stopped the bow in her hand to salute, Not yet, sir, do you need to call him No, the old housekeeper needs are premium jane CBD gummies safe to rest , Tarrant asked again Is breakfast ready Yes, my lord, I ll get it for you.

I want a glass taking to many CBD gummies of the best CBD gummies near me red leaf wine, Katrina said softly.No, no, no, miracle nutritional products CBD gummies Kiraviton stopped her.We want a happy celebration.Let s start with two glasses of red dragons.Katrina hesitated.Mages don t usually touch hard liquor.A Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews:Best CBD Gummies Of 2022 rare vacation, try it, Tarrant nodded to Doris.The six full glasses of fire dragon wine were placed on the table, and other people in the tavern cast surprising glances at it.It was especially surprising that two CBD gummies san francisco of them were girls, and the intersection of fire dragon wine and girls was very limited.

They could not defeat the coalition forces.Even if they could, they would not win without leaving a trace.After the disappearance of the expeditionary force, the emperor searched all the nearby areas without Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews:Best CBD Gummies Of 2022 any clues.They were just Tarrant s imagined enemies, and had nothing to CBD gummies for arousal do with can i bring CBD gummies on a plane the expedition.Past investigations and adventures begin to crumble, and Tarrant realizes he s been on the wrong track, further and further from the truth, and that the clues at hand are only part of the illithid expansion plan, which doesn t include the funky farms CBD gummies expedition at all.

The golem turned dully to find the target that had just dodged and disappeared.The giant fist swayed from side to side to prepare for the can i take two 10 mg CBD gummies at once next attack, green gummies CBD Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews perhaps unaware that it was being attacked.It s very meaningful.Kiraviton Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews took out the fire dragon wine and watched the golem chasing the paladins.It was a very interesting farce.Maxine s justice was smashed by the CBD gummies may not be right for everyone cold reality.Valuable information Tarrant jumped up and drew his sword, the team couldn t destroy this thing at CBD gummies for panic attack all.

No The higher the better in mg in CBD gummies shark took a step forward as if begging for mercy, Please don t do this, I have already Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews paid you back everything I owe you.Tarrant could almost see the sparkle in the eyes of the sailor, an excellent performance You should think about the consequences Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews before you make a mistake.Yeah, you re right, I really shouldn t have done that, and I swear to God it ll never happen again.Maybe he didn t have how long does a CBD gummy last Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews faith at all, Tarrant sighed.Tone, he was just confirming puravida CBD gummies maryland dr apgar that the shark was exhausted, Okay, there is no next time.

The deputy deacon Strapp, the Sante administrator Otter Yule, Tarrant saluted several officers in turn, and a very familiar young man, Tarrant immediately thought of his identity, the king s nephew Xiu Zuo, the last time we met, Xiu Zuo was the what is the best CBD gummies to buy garrison commander at the west gate of Chidalore District, and that was many years ago.Can you wait a moment, we are discussing important things, Carold looked very bad.I only have a few words, Tarrant insisted that he would report something far more serious than other crises.

For the first time, Tarrant heard about the true role of the spokesperson.He asked his teammates Does anyone know which history this is Na shook is eagle hemp CBD gummies a scam her head, mothers medicine CBD gummies followed by Kitty and Rex.You re wronghistoryis the victor s conscious expressionit s never truewhat you knowjust what she wants you to know This is the strangest thing overdosing on CBD gummies Tarrant has ever heard History , Well, even if this is the case it s all over, there s nothing you can do about it, he exhorted with a little regret that a god plus CBD oil hemp gummies side effects without believers is lucky enough to survive.

You The priest turned his head in disbelief.My sword can be used once, Tarrant licked his lower lip lightly, and the icy mist formed condensation on it, making him feel the slaughter before death, he didn t want to become a mummy, Holy Light Technique Can it be solved in one go No, fool, Kiraviton shook his cloak, Holy Light is only effective on singles, greet that jian , she was referring to CBD gummies vs thc edibles Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews the woman in front of Tarrant, what does CBD gummies have in them That keoni CBD gummies stop smoking self righteous bitch, let her melt into your righteous arms.

The fishermen gathered around the door and looked at the team eagerly like a hero.The Empire has not forgotten us.Fishermen who are in desperate need of help, their lives are seriously threatened every day, but they will not think of the purpose of the team s visit here.Has just CBD gummy bears nutrition facts nothing to do with vampires, Wellsing hasn t found out CBD gummy rings cherry 12ct display what s going on here, Tarrant leans Katrina against the wall.What s going on The village chief looked at the man under the cloak.Our teammate is injured.

Yes, sir, but there is no carriage back in Hedeng District.You have been waiting.Here best rated CBD gummies Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews Kiraviton got into the car as he spoke.You paid me enough to keep me waiting all day, the driver nodded respectfully.It is rare to have such an honest person.Tarrant found that he was more and more easily moved.Too many bad things happened around him, and the enthusiasm he encountered occasionally seemed extremely precious.He nodded to the driver, Go to the research institute level CBD gummies first.Good lord.

A huge fist on the wall held the lightning.At this moment, bright candles and silhouettes CBD gummies review Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews of people are projected through the windows of this building, whose gates are open 24 7, ready for emergencies.Returning here has reawakened Tarrant s pride.Since he joined 5 CBD gummies Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews the Light of Sanctuary, the idea of serving the mainland has grown strongly, providing CBD gummies for anxiety price him with a steady stream of motivation.feel a little satisfaction.When he entered the building, a guard at the door smiled and nodded to him, Knight, congratulations on your coming back alive.

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Gookad and Tony were chatting behind the counter, and there were no more CBD gummies near me price customers.What Kiraviton faced the door, I didn t know I CBD gummies thc free had to dress like this to watch polo.She drank a drink and 10mg CBD gummy effects pushed the wine glass into the pile of empty wine glasses on the left.How much did you Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews:Best CBD Gummies Of 2022 evolved CBD gummies drink Tarrant ripped open his cuffs and collar, finally taking off the bandage.I m awake enough to see you two, Kiraviton shouted, turning to the waiter at the counter.Does this need to be done to watch polo Goodard tucked his head into the counter.

Tarrant slowly saw what was in front of him, a battlefield style teleportation station, and the teleporter mage pulled him down the teleportation platform, Adventurer, are you coming from far away A strange smell , Katri Na looked around strangely.The teleportation master laughed, You must have come from the inland, and this is the first time you have come to Welsing.This teleportation array is built by the canal, CBD gummys Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews so the smell of the river is relatively strong.People does CBD gummies help with pain Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews living in the inland are not used to this.

It is also intolerable, our souls are no longer pure, and I will end my own life when it is over.Brenger s statement overturned all the vigilantes beliefs about the four, who seemed to have an important task to bear in order to To complete this task, they sacrificed their reputation and identity, and what is even more surprising is their firm belief that all Paladins still retain their devotion to Maxine does CBD gummies what do they taest like Brenger, you re wrong, Sidney said.Maxine s justice is not by the rules.He asked us to leave the light here.

The battle situation was very CBD gummies fort worth unfavorable to the human side.The soldiers were split open by sharp axes, and bright red blood spurted green gummies CBD Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews out of the breach, the ground was dyed red, and the woods let out a miserable wailing.Tarrant has fallen into madness, this unit cannot be wiped out like this He had to do something, he threw the sword aside, rushed towards the dwarf beside him, swiped his fist at the dwarf s face, and passed through the dwarf dr goldens CBD gummies s head, Tarrant s impact inertia made his entire body pass through The dwarf finally fell face down on the ground, the smell of CBD gummy blue rings blood filling his nostrils, and his consciousness was filled with death and wailing.

Tarrant placed the mage on the bed in the corner.She maintained the abnormal state of last night.Her lips kenai CBD gummies reviews were like dripping roses, almost glowing red.From the window, he looked at her.Arriving at the tiny castle on the other side of the island, with pale walls and several towering towers, fifty years of green vines grew on the bottom of the building, I hope Jim how long are CBD gummies effective is a good man, Tarrant whispered Chapter 49 Arming Text Chapter 49 Arming Chapter 49 Arming The morning rest is not Stable, Tarrant opened his eyes before the sun had risen, his forehead was full of hot sweat, and the strange dream he had just experienced echoed in his mind, in which he saw a ruined world, empty of people.

Kitty turned to the back of the diary and continued success when both sides come out I will definitely be able to activate it tomorrow Thinkingthe art of hallucination, admirable and The Ranger seemed to have found a way, Tarrant put the torch close CBD delights 3000 gummies to the notebook, Look at the back, how to open that door.Yeah, Kitty turned back a page I m too stupidto thinkgo, startenough food Before finishing reading, the diary glowed faintly, there is a situation Tower Rand grabbed Kitty s hand and pulled her away, Rex and Katrina also stepped back urgently, the light of the diary suddenly rushed, forming a huge flame, raging in a box shape along the four edges of the book, like a CBD Gummies For Anxiety Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews The conscious elf blazed with passion, reflecting the stunned faces of everyone.

Carrod nodded immediately, Tarant, you can take a break in the conference room.The word Royal Guard is too much Sensitive, they didn t want to leak the bet and the secrets within the guard, especially since there was a troubadour in the discussion, and Tarrant exited the room cooperatively.After waiting in the conference room for about half an hour, a soldier asked Tarrant to return to the office.At this time, there were only two people left in kush burst CBD gummies the room, Carold and Xiu Zuo, Xiu Zuo pondered Not taking martial law measures will lead to infection.

Soyou have a resistance army here Tarrant was greatly surprised, if this is keoni CBD gummies diabetes true, they not only With the reinforcements, will CBD gummies ruin a drug test the illithids also are CBD gummies effective for pain relief lack a powerful boost, and they can completely defeat the illithids.The halfling swept across the group of four in panic, I don t know I don t know how many people have recovered their will, where to buy CBD gummies to quit smoking Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews just now a monster came out of the passage, the illithids were messed up, the mage took the opportunity to cast a spell, and they hit Get up.After hearing this, Tarrant realized that the magical battle he heard when he rushed up the passage was not caused by gargoyles, and he asked again, Is the battle still going on I m afraid I m afraid it s over.

But, even in the worst case our sacrifice would be worthwhile to expose Nicole s plan.Tarrant continued to bump into Katrina in front of her, who stood still.In front of it is the mountain, not too high, with neat tree rows rising up, the slope is flat, like a royal back garden.Did you see anything Kiraviton pinched his waist.Katrina shook her head, I remember the location of the hut on Banpo, but I m not sure if it s our direction.I use levitation to scout, and you follow my direction.

Tarrant stunned all the thieves who were shocked at the end of the aisle, But I m sure this is the location that the other party told me.Then we were designed, what purpose did they do this for Haha, it s a little bit of a thing.It s not fun.Angel Yu spread out his royal blend CBD gummies website hands, We made a big bloody case because the other party notified the wrong location.Katrina leaned against the wall, I was stabbed full spectrum organic CBD gummy bears for nothing, she looked at the floor The blood of the thieves was very CBD living gummies sad, and she felt sorry for them.

The network can reach any corner of the city.Will I go down the sewers Katrina stared at the street over there, and there was indeed no figure of Angel Feather.It is possible that ordinary adventurers would not think of taking that disgusting passage, and Feather Angel is a thief.He will use all the methods he can think of, and the bounties ignore the sewers, Tarrant agreed.Only best sugar free CBD gummies this explanation is the most reasonable.The sewer in front of the old Joey s house is a three way intersection, which leads to the commercial area, the outer city and the dock area.

Mark came CBD 500mg gummies to his senses, You mean Murder.Ah Mark sighed again, with a haggard and depressed face It was enough to see that this matter broke his brain.There is no clue.Have you found those CBD gummies dave colorado boys They are just children, and it is a problem to even get down to the farmland.They will never do such a thing.Mark s eyebrows lunchbox CBD gummies knitted together, The murderer is a very calm person.No footprints or other things were found at the scene.Maybe he planned it for a long time.What about the investigation by the people from the outer town A stranger, but 100mg thc 100mg CBD gummies very well behaved.

Maybe they touched something that shouldn t be touched.drink.There are valuable things buried under some of the tombstones, greedy people will do that, Tarrant looked smilz CBD gummies amazon at can you take CBD gummies with wellbutrin the key, At least inform the security forces, or their families.If anyone cares about them, someone will come to me , The tomb keeper hung the key back on the wall.The sad fact is that if anyone still cares about those missing persons, someone will come to the cemetery.It has been two months and it proves that no one is there.

Tarrant didn t like to admit defeat, but the team needed to take a break.The last mage had to rely on the tree trunk to move forward, and it seemed that he was about to cough up blood.Okay, Kitty returned, You guys look tired.Her face was normal, and she didn t see much physical exertion.Bullshit nonsense Katrina lay on the grass by the stream with her stomach in her arms, and coughed hard, III don t feel my legs The mage s how to purchase CBD gummied face was CBD gummies to stop smoking in canada flushed with heat, and her lips were pale.Tarrant helped her up, Drink some water, let s take a break here.

together Such a peaceful request can you carry CBD gummies on an airplane was never in Tarrant s memory.Tarrant raised the corners of his mouth so hard that it looked like a smile, If I remember correctly, only women are welcome in your hometown.Kira Witton shrugged, Sowhat did you talk to that old vigilante in the tower.He recommended me some positions, and I m not the person he expected.Tarrant couldn t control his mind, he was in Thinking of Kiraviton s hometown, how wonderful and sacred the meadows smell in the spring.

Sounding like a sweet greeting, CBD gummies in florida Tarrant laughed, I plan to live longer., I can t go down until the illithid thing is over, is Ryan upstairs The guard lifted his chin, It shouldn t be there, there starpowa premium CBD 5mg gummies is an emergency meeting, and the military ministers of Serenzo, I didn t see him come back The Light of Asylum helps the can CBD gummies kill you Empire to complete many tasks, and there is a certain degree of coordination in military operations, of course, excluding hostilities, and meetings between them are also frequent.

The gray dwarves have been buy CBD gummies in memphis tn in the underground world for Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews:Best CBD Gummies Of 2022 a long time, and it is impossible to determine whether they settled underground before the dark elves.If the dark elves did not accidentally discover the large scale gray dwarf city state, perhaps the gray dwarves would still be happy by now.Digging for underground treasures, but now, they are mainly slaves of the dark elves.Many dwarves CBD gummies español Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews wandering outside have been captured as coolies.Only some dwarves still stick to good CBD gummy 10ml gummies of CBD the original city state to resist the attacks of the dark elves.

There is no need and no mercy for this creature Tarrant.The halberd stabs its body flight mode CBD gummies like lightning, and whats a CBD gummy the earth spirit does not resist, allowing the tip of the halberd to penetrate easily.Entering the body, Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews Tarrant held on to the halberd and rushed for two steps, rushing the tip of the halberd out of the back of the soil essence, the monster s body fell on the wall of the passage, Tarrant pulled out the halberd, and the wound of the corpse appeared.Fresh fishy smell.He looked at the environment he was in.

Tarrant sat beside her, the pure and full moon in the sky seemed to be a huge statue, in front of this statue he would make the most solemn oath in his life, he no longer dodged, and bravely said I CBD gummies can they get you high love you.The mage laughed even deeper, she CBD night time gummies canada looked at Tarrant, closed her eyes slowly, and the breeze gently passed between CBD diamond gummies the two.I Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews love make your own CBD gummies Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews you, and I am willing to protect you with the rest of my life.An inexplicable Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews motivation supported him to reveal all the words in his heart, After going CBD gummies orange park through those things, I am even more afraid of losing you, and I hope to be with you Katrina closed her eyes, Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews:Best CBD Gummies Of 2022 as if she was enjoying the space between the two of them, and the moonlight adorned her red lips looking extra coquettish.

Dean Carl Pepper and Sheriff Carold have a very good relationship with the teacher, and I will green gummies CBD Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews persuade them to support you.Malkan was actually the captain of the East Gate of the Palace District, the same status as Hammond.The support of Sante City represented two thirds of the Royal Guard of Sante City, and Tarrant was not pleased, he sensed an unspeakable abnormality, and Malkan seemed to be agitating to participate in a political buy CBD gummies for sleep online game vita CBD gummies or Conspiracy.Two thirds of the Royal Guard, Culpeber s magical supplies, the sheriff with does CBD gummies help with pain Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews the most troops diamond CBD gummies uk CBD sleep gummies Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews in Sante, Tarrant doesn t vape gods CBD gummys combine these factors to happen, but it s definitely disturbing, CBD gummy bears uk he should you refrigerate CBD gummies pretends to pay attention The form on the field, the Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews:Best CBD Gummies Of 2022 extreme possibilities kept flashing in my mind No, no, I shouldn t doubt the loyalty of these people, Malkan should just CBD gummies near here Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews simply hope that Tarrant can take over his father s position and help him mobilize all the Political resources, perhaps this is the expectation as a brother.

The housekeeper seems to have lost everything outside the house.interested.Tarrant grabbed the food in the kitchen and stuffed it healthiest CBD gummies free trial scam 2017 into his mouth.He suddenly thought of an unavoidable question.If an accident happens to Lovell again Stuart, best price for CBD gummies how long can the family s gold coins last Ah , you mean 2000 gold coins, now the monthly expenses are less than 50 gold coins, and it can be used for more than three years.Oh Tarantine nodded, We will go out later, it may be a long time later.

The adventurers all come out at noon.Tarrant is walking along the street.He has decided to buy some ordinary The equipment CBD gummies in drug screen is suitable for use in night battles.The opponent will never wear metal protective gear for the convenience of movement.Ordinary iron weapons can hurt him.As for armor, he only needs ordinary iron armor, which CBD living gummy rings can defend against daggers.The reason for this consideration is that the battle with the Dark Elf taught Tarrant too heavy a lesson.The last weapon, the one handed greatsword purchased green gummies CBD Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews for nearly a hundred gold coins, was discounted by the Dark Elf Mage with a meteor storm, and the armor was The frost technique was smashed into ice cubes.

After passing this plant, he reached out and picked a leaf, and the grass juice flowing out of the leaf gave a warm feeling.Flameleaf, Katrina said lightly, bowing her head, the rare casting material lost its appeal to her.Tarrant understood her mood and stopped talking.There is a bird call of Cuckoo above the head, and the terrain is flat after a large clump of leaves is removed.When you look up, you can vaguely see the iron chain frame, it s almost there When the chain stopped moving, the suspension was in a thick grass, the grass almost covered his chest, Tarrant jumped off the suspension, the grass stinging his jaw, he does CBD gummies make you lose weight rubbed his neck and waved the grass away, Come down.

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Can you recognize the functional distribution on both sides Rex pulled Katrina and Kitty jumped off the slope.There is no direction, the gargoyle should be flying there.If you follow the trail of the gargoyle, you will be in danger of being surrounded.Tarrant kept his voice low.He felt a smell from an old enemy, but the smell of blood made it difficult for him Sure.A tall black figure suddenly rushed out from the edge of the fire, and his majestic right arm swung towards the nearest Katrina with a how many calories in a CBD gummy fist, Soil Rex s CBD gummies for alcohol craving chain cockroach shot suddenly, and the red chain cockroach hit the huge fist and sent a blow.

Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews five CBD gummies, [CBD relax gummies] (2022-05-21) Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews CBD gummies for sale Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews.

Let s get out of here.No, Katrina pushed Tarrant s hand away.We have more important things.Tarrant couldn t tell the truth.He looked how long for CBD gummies to start working Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews up at the castle in the distance, and the fiery red light was slowly seeping from the inspection wall.Jim will be punished, Donatello gestured to the villagers to stop discussing the mage, Now let s look at these demons, who have destroyed the tranquility of Giroud Island, destroyed their homes, green roads CBD gummy bears killed their own kind, their The Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews crime is etched in the hearts of every victim, and here I sentence them to death, and may how to make your own CBD gummies teaser pleaser their death pacify the wrath of justice.

Speaking of Gillian, she is such a beauty, she has refreshed my world, I thought love can only be men and women, she Opened a whole new door for me.You refreshed my world, Katrina looked at the ring subconsciously, Our engagement is just a joke, right Tarrant thought for a moment.I chill CBD gummy thought you were following Brenger.Brenger is just a stupid paladin, I admire him, but it s not what I want, my love is Gillian, mike wolfe CBD gummies no, no no, I wish Mara would accept me at one point , Kiraviton Deliberately turned back and winked at Tarrant, Just kidding, I m following the Light of Sanctuary, that sign is where Kiraviton started, reminds me of him and his wish, I ll give up Cape Town for him everything, what an important decision that was.

Tarrant took a step and followed.Two mages stood here.Behind them, there was a burly man Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews:Best CBD Gummies Of 2022 with a two headed sword.The warrior, wearing a cape, without armor, and two strange bronze colored bracers on his wrists, is a famous swordsman.One of the natural herbal CBD gummies mage ordered the soldiers who were chasing Fool, go and deal with the outside, let us come.Biantris sneered and said in Elvish language It s better to come together, I need time.rest well.Just now Tarrant thought that the language of the dark elves was different from that of the ground elves, but now he found out that gummy CBD tincture fire wholesale the language of the dark elves just had a strange tongue, like a dialect of the elves.

He walked to the side of the door, and there was a goblin sculpture there, holding a thorn wood, with one leg astride, with a small mouth open, looking like he was chasing a creature, he had to admit that the carving was too real , Tarrant squatted down and looked around the carving twice, the goblin s thin muscles seemed to be working hard, slightly bulging and just right, his eyes were fierce, and his steps were strong.It was almost as if the scene had been recreated, and Sir Wensley must have seen this creature.

The cold water made the fiery body more eager to merge.He hoped that this feeling would stay forever.Ah Katrina exclaimed suddenly.Tarrant stopped in panic, What s wrong What s against me She looked down from Tarrant s chest.Tarrant hurriedly stood up and found that the samurai sword was hanging on the stone guard s belt abruptly, Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews why is it buckled here, damn it It hurts to death, Katrina rubbed her robe fiercely.It must have been the hilt do thc gummies have CBD of the knife on her leg, Taran especially over the samurai sword, I m sorry The mage stood up, the robe was naked against her, there were only the two of them in the world, she 400mg CBD gummies with thc for sale didn t seem too embarrassed, even , as if showing himself confidently.

Lost energy.The core crystal ball still works, I will replace it with myself Nicole sneered, No one can stop me, no How do you want to use it to destroy Sante Katrina was very impressed with this answer.curious.Destruction Did I say I would destroy Sante Nicole glanced at everyone present, Ridiculous where to get CBD gummies Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews I love this place more than any of you, Sante is my home, and CBD gummies valentines here is the only family I cherish, I m going to love this place with my life To everyone best CBD gummies in uk s surprise, Tarrant asked, Your Crystal Kingdom is a plan to protect Sante I want Sante to be free from disaster and fear.

Katrina and Lynn sat in the corner, talking about the orphanage, Does your lady support this This is my decision, Lynn raised his mouth slightly, My family It s up to me.Why didn t she come Last benefit of CBD gummies Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews week, she stepped on the empty stairs at her birthday ball and sprained her left foot.Lynn held up the snacks on the table.Want CBD gummies netherlands some Tarrant This stuff is sweeter than honey, the reminder said.Oh Lynn put down her fork.You and Mrs.Luped are so good together.I m just playing the role of a stake, Tarrant sat Next to Lynn, What do you think about the orphanage Those children need a good environment to make them normal people, look at the slums, how many come out of the orphanage, they lack education, the cemetery It has become a breeding ground Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews for sin Of course, I also have a selfish idea that they will remember the people who donated to them, which will have an unpredictable effect on the future of my family.

With the power level, there is no possibility CBD gummies 15000mg of anyone ordering anyone.There is no reason for Naian Town to withdraw the garrison of Watt Town.The soldier explained The administrative level is the same, but cheap CBD gummies Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews the military level CBD gummies no thc Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews is different.Nai an Town is a military town, and the garrison is several times that of Watt Town.If Serenso and Komohe go to war, Nai an Town will become the most best CBD gummies reddit 2020 important town on the southern border.The main barrier.Another soldier added And the sheriff CBD oil vs CBD gummies Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews of Nai an has a legendary warrior badge, an honor the king approves.

The elf s simple answer made Tarant stunned in place, and he said lightly that the ability to copy a grand master level spell means that the elf mage s ability has mastered the highest level of magic.Some people say that 30 mg gummy CBD the wealth of faith can exceed that of a country.Tarrant once thought that was green gummies CBD Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews an exaggeration.Now he believes it.As long as the mage is Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews what is the best CBD gummies for pain and sleep allowed to transcribe a few great master level spells at will, faith can earn tens of thousands of gold coins.What s on the bookshelf at the back Tarrant didn t have the courage to continue asking questions about spells, and he moved to the bookshelf at the back.

Okay, time will tell , now is not the how many CBD gummies should i take for sleep Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews time to argue, it must continue, Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews:Best CBD Gummies Of 2022 Tarrant believes that no one in the world will make that kind of botanical farms CBD gummies charles stanley mistake again.Uh Kitty squeezed her arms and looked around.Rex s potion worked.The team stopped discussing, and Tarrant stepped forward and asked with concern Kidi, how are you Kitty stared at the three of them with temporary memory loss.To be honest, Katrina tightened the water bag and returned it to Tarrant.This room is indeed somewhat similar to a teleportation station.

I think he is a power type carver, look at this, a large piece has been cut off CBD gummies for a1c , Tower Rand did not know the carving method and could only explain it in his own way.Katrina held her chin and looked at the pile of things.Preliminary trial period.This sculpture is the most successful work in this exhibition hall.It s too similar.Tarrant pointed to a cube, and the sign below said Geometry .Tarant, Katrina tapped Tarrant s outstretched finger, We are when to take CBD gummies for anxiety Diamond CBD Gummies Reviews visiting an early work of a great artist, please be respectful, she heard the irony in Tarrant s words.

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Diamond CBD Review

Diamond CBD is a Florida based company with hundreds of different product options. It offers one of the largest catalogs of CBD extracts we’ve seen — carrying tinctures, topicals, capsules, vape oils, bath products, CBD for pets, and more. Many of these items are also available in several flavors, potencies, and bottle sizes.

The company’s products are fairly inexpensive, with prices reaching as low as $0.05 per mg of CBD. Diamond CBD also offers free 2-day shipping on any order over $100 — currently, it only ships within the United States.

In 2018, Diamond CBD was found to have cough medicine and synthetic cannabinoids in some of its products. The company claims these ingredients came from an older formula that’s no longer in use — but these findings make it hard to recommend Diamond CBD to our readers.

With that being said, Diamond CBD is one of the most well-known CBD suppliers in the United States — we’ve completed the research to help you make an educated decision on whether or not to purchase its products.

Mission/Charity 1/5

Diamond CBD has a fairly generic mission statement — it hopes to create high quality CBD extracts that push innovation within the industry. Unfortunately, the company makes no mention of charitable donations or research initiatives.

Diamond CBD has also been reported to have taken part in some less ethical business practices — and is associated with multi-level marketing schemes.

Hemp Source 1/5

Diamond CBD sources its hemp from farms in Colorado, Kentucky, and Scandinavia. The company claims to use only non-GMO and organically grown hemp. The company has been flagged for using synthetic cannabinoids in its products in the past. Although they suggest the current products don’t contain any of this — we’re skeptical about the quality and corporate integrity when it comes to the hemp.

Diamond CBD posts third-party lab tests for the cannabinoid profile but doesn’t include the results for heavy metals, residual solvents, or pesticides. Until Diamond CBD posts these results and gets its hemp organic certified, we can’t give it full points in this category.

Product Range 5/5

If Diamond CBD excels in any category, it’s definitely in the company’s product range. It carries all of the CBD staples, from oils to edibles to vape products, and often has more than 20 products per category. You’d be very hard-pressed to find another company with a larger selection than Diamond CBD.

Innovation 4/5

Diamond CBD stays up to date with current innovation in the industry. The company uses supercritical CO2 extraction and offers a few novel products including bath bombs, beard oils, and specialty dog treats.

Safety 1/5

Ssafety is where Diamond CBD suffers the most. The company was found to have undesirable chemicals in some of its products such as cough medicine and synthetic cannabinoids. Diamond CBD also lacks heavy metal, residual solvent, and pesticide testing on its website.

Customer Service 1/5

Diamond CBD has a bad track record in terms of its customer service. A lot of people have reported they felt ripped off buying Diamond CBD products and have heard nothing from the company in any attempt to fix the issue.

We sent three requests for more lab testing on the company’s products — and heard no response for any of these emails.

Products Offered

$7.99 – $19.99
Diamond CBD
Diamond CBD Shot 30 – 120 mL

2.17 / 5

Total CBD: 25 – 350 mg
Potency : 0.83 – 11.6 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD: $0.02 – $0.80
Extract Type : Full-spectrum
THC Content :
Diamond CBD
Diamond CBD Chill Coffee Pods 4 Pods

3.83 / 5

Total CBD: 100 mg
Potency : 25 mg/pod
Cost per mg CBD: $0.20
Extract Type : Isolate
THC Content:
Table of Contents
  • About the Company: Diamond CBD
  • 1. CBD Oils & Tinctures
    • A) Diamond CBD Daily Boost Syringes
    • A) Diamond CBD Topicals
    • A) Diamond CBD Vape Pens
    • A) Diamond CBD Bath Bombs
      • Diamond CBD Bath Bomb Variations:
      • Diamond CBD Bath Salt Variations:
      • A) Diamond CBD Oils For Pets
      • A) Diamond CBD Shots
      • 1. Massive Selection of Products

      Diamond CBD Company Review

      Article By

      About the Company: Diamond CBD

      Diamond CBD is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company has a large catalog of CBD-infused products — customers can find hundreds of items listed on the company’s website.

      Diamond CBD products are sold under the names of more than 14 brands including:

      • Blue CBD
      • CBD Oil Biotech
      • Chill Plus
      • DiamondHemp
      • CBD Re-Leaf
      • Relax
      • Choco-Budz
      • Daily Boost
      • and more

      The company has partnerships with celebrities like Tommy Chong and NFL star Lawrence Tayler.

      Diamond CBD claims to have doctors and scientists on its team who help develop its products. It also states its products contain no THC or synthetic ingredients.

      In 2018, Diamond CBD fell into some controversy. Following reports from some of Diamond CBD’s customers that its products were causing them to get high, the Virginia Commonwealth University conducted tests on the CBD extracts.

      The university found a couple of undesirable chemicals including dextromethorphan (DXM), a cough medicine, and a synthetic cannabinoid called 5F-ADB.

      The company stated it would retest its products to ensure that these chemicals did not end up in future batches. It also said the products tested by the Virginia Commonwealth University were produced in 2017, with a different formula.

      The lack of thorough third-party testing on its website and previous controversy makes it difficult for us to recommend purchasing Diamond CBD products.

      Where Does Diamond CBD’s Hemp Come From?

      Diamond CBD sources it’s hemp from farms around the world including the American states of Colorado and Kentucky, and from regions in Scandinavia — these regions are generally seen positively for the quality of their hemp. The company claims that all of its plants are non-GMO and grown with organic farming practices.

      What Does Diamond CBD Sell?

      Diamond CBD has a wide variety of products that cover several different CBD delivery methods. On the company’s website, you’ll find tinctures, edibles, creams, bath and body products, drinks, capsules, CBD for pets, and vape oils.

      1. CBD Oils & Tinctures

      Diamond CBD has an overwhelming number of CBD oils. Where Diamond CBD excels in regard to its CBD oils is the sheer number of flavors it offers. The company currently offers more than 200 CBD oil flavors. If you’re focused on finding a great-tasting CBD oil, Diamond CBD may be a good choice.

      These oils are sold under several brand names including Diamond CBD, Relax, Blue CBD, Chong’s Choice, Liquid Gold, CBD Oil Biotech, and others.

      Diamond CBD offers potencies ranging from single dose 10 mg syringes up to 3500 mg bottles.

      A) Diamond CBD Daily Boost Syringes

      These syringes are a great way to get a quick boost to your daily CBD intake. They’re available in potencies ranging from 10 – 50 mg of CBD and can be purchased in several flavors. They come in an easy-to-use applicator so you can drop the oil directly into your mouth or mix with your food and beverages.

      Cost & Potency Breakdown of Diamond CBD Daily Boost Syringes:
      Product Image Product Name Total mg of CBD Price Per Bottle Total mL CBD Per mL Price Per mg CBD
      Diamond CBD Daily Boost Syringes — 10 mg 10 mg $6.99 1 mL 10 mg/mL $0.70
      Diamond CBD Daily Boost Syringes — 20 mg 20 mg $8.99 1 mL 20 mg/mL $0.45
      Diamond CBD Daily Boost Syringes — 33 mg 33 mg $10.99 1 mL 33 mg/mL $0.33
      Diamond CBD Daily Boost Syringes — 50 mg 50 mg $12.99 1 mL 50 mg/mL $0.26
      B) Diamond CBD Flavored CBD Oils

      As we mentioned above, Diamond CBD has an incredible number of flavored CBD oils. The company has everything from berry to cookies and cream, from bubblegum to peanut butter cup, cappucino to maple rum tobacco, and much more.

      Depending on which product you choose, these oils are made with both full-spectrum extract and CBD isolate — however, the type of CBD doesn’t seem to affect the price. Diamond CBD covers most of the CBD potency scale, so beginners and experienced CBD users should be able to find a product to suit their daily CBD requirements.

      Cost & Potency Breakdown of Diamond CBD Flavored Oils:
      Product Image Product Name Total mg of CBD Price Per Bottle Total mL CBD Per mL Price Per mg CBD
      Diamond CBD Flavored Oils — 25 mg 25 mg $19.99 30 mL 0.83 mg/mL $0.40
      Diamond CBD Flavored Oils — 50 mg 50 mg $29.99 30 mL 1.67 mg/mL $0.45
      Diamond CBD Flavored Oils — 100 mg 100 mg $39.99 30 mL 3.33 mg/mL $0.33
      Diamond CBD Flavored Oils — 150 mg 150 mg $49.99 30 mL 5 mg/mL $0.26
      Diamond CBD Flavored Oils — 250 mg 250 mg $59.99 30 mL 8.3 mg/mL $0.24
      Diamond CBD Flavored Oils — 350 mg 350 mg $69.99 30 mL 11.67 mg/mL $0.20
      Diamond CBD Flavored Oils — 450 mg 450 mg $79.99 30 mL 15 mg/mL $0.18
      Diamond CBD Flavored Oils — 550 mg 550 mg $89.99 30 mL 18.33 mg/mL $0.16
      Diamond CBD Flavored Oils — 1000 mg 1000 mg $169.99 30 mL 33.33 mg/mL $0.17
      Diamond CBD Flavored Oils — 1500 mg 1500 mg $219.99 30 mL 50 mg/mL $0.15
      Diamond CBD Flavored Oils — 2500 mg 2500 mg $319.99 30 mL 83.33 mg/mL $0.13
      Diamond CBD Flavored Oils — 3500 mg 3500 mg $419.99 30 mL 116.67 mg/mL $0.12

      2. Topicals

      In addition to Diamond CBD branded topicals, the company also sells creams under its CBD Oil Biotech and Lawrence Taylor subsidiaries. Most of these products have specific uses in mind — ranging from pain relief, skin care, face creams, and more.

      A) Diamond CBD Topicals

      Under the Diamond CBD brand name, the company sells 14 unique CBD creams. Most of these topicals are designed as skincare products to help your skin stay healthy and free from irritations. Each product is available in either 500 or 1000 mg CBD potencies.

      In addition to CBD, you’ll find a few other beneficial ingredients in these creams including aloe vera, coconut oil, menthol, sunflower seed oil, tea tree oil, vitamin E, and more.

      Cost & Potency Breakdown of Diamond CBD Topicals (500 mg)
      Product Name Total mg of CBD Price Per Bottle Total mL CBD Per mL Price Per mg CBD
      Diamond CBD Pain Relief Cream 500 mg $79.99 120 mL 4.17 mg/mL $0.16
      Diamond CBD Vitamin C Cream 500 mg $79.99 30 mL 16.67 mg/mL $0.16
      Diamond CBD AntioxidantCream 500 mg $79.99 30 mL 16.67 mg/mL $0.16
      Diamond CBD Under Eye Nourishing Cream 500 mg $79.99 30 mL 16.67 mg/mL $0.16
      Diamond CBD Nourishing Lip & Eye Cream 500 mg $79.99 30 mL 16.67 mg/mL $0.16
      Cost & Potency Breakdown of Diamond CBD Topicals (1000 mg)
      Product Name Total mg of CBD Price Per Bottle Total mL CBD Per mL Price Per mg CBD
      Diamond CBD Pain Relief Cream 1000 mg $149.99 120 mL 8.3 mg/mL $0.15
      Diamond CBD Vitamin C Cream 1000 mg $149.99 30 mL 33.33 mg/mL $0.15
      Diamond CBD AntioxidantCream 1000 mg $149.99 30 mL 33.33 mg/mL $0.15
      Diamond CBD Under Eye Nourishing Cream 1000 mg $149.99 30 mL 33.33 mg/mL $0.15
      Diamond CBD Nourishing Lip & Eye Cream 1000 mg $149.99 30 mL 33.33 mg/mL $0.15

      3. CBD Capsules

      The company primarily sells its CBD capsule products using the brand name Meds Biotech, although it does offer one item under Diamond CBD.

      Each of the Meds Biotech capsules has a unique formula to better target specific symptoms. Some of the symptoms targeted by these capsules include muscle pain and stiffness, sleeplessness, anxiety, and nausea.

      Every bottle contains 500 mg of CBD isolate in 50 capsules — or 10 mg per capsule. Every Med Biotech branded bottle costs $79.99. Diamond CBD also offers a few bundles that include capsules with complementary effects.

      The Diamond CBD branded capsules also contain 10 mg per capsule but come in a smaller, 200 mg bottle.

      Cost & Potency Breakdown of Diamond CBD Capsules
      Product Name Total mg of CBD Price Per Bottle Total Capsules CBD per Capsule Cost per mg CBD
      Diamond CBD Meds Biotech CBD Capsules (All Formulas) 500 mg $79.99 50 10 mg $0.16
      Diamond CBD Capsules 200 mg $19.99 20 10 mg $0.10
      Diamond CBD Meds Biotech CBD Capsules Relaxation Bundle 1000 mg $159.99 100 10 mg $0.16
      Diamond CBD Meds Biotech CBD Capsules Energy Bundle 1000 mg $159.99 100 10 mg $0.16
      Diamond CBD Meds Biotech CBD Capsules Beauty Bundle 1000 mg $159.99 100 10 mg $0.16

      4. CBD Vape Products

      If you’re interested in vaping your CBD, Diamond CBD has several sizes, potency, and flavor options. They’re also available as vape pens, vape tanks, and vape oils.

      These products are sold under the brand names CBD Re-Leaf, Chong’s Choice, Diamond CBD, Liquid Gold, and Relax.

      All of these Diamond CBD’s vape oils use a simple formula that includes only CBD, USP grade vegetable glycerin, and artificial flavoring.

      A) Diamond CBD Vape Pens

      For customers looking for a ready-to-use vape product, vape pens are one of the most convenient methods for getting your dose of CBD. Diamond CBD’s vape pens come in 75 and 100 mg potencies and strawberry or jungle juice flavors.

      Cost & Potency Breakdown of Diamond CBD Vape Pens
      Product Name Total mg of CBD Price Per Pen Total mL Cost per mg CBD
      Diamond CBD CBD Re-Leaf Vape Pen 75 mg $29.99 0.5 mL $0.40
      Diamond CBD Chong’s Choice Vape Pen 100 mg $39.99 0.5 mL $0.40
      Diamond CBD Liquid Gold Vape Pen 100 mg $34.99 0.5 mL $0.35
      B) Diamond CBD Vape Tanks

      These vape tanks are the best option for people who currently vape and wish to use their own vape battery. The Liquid Gold vape tanks contain 120 mg of CBD isolate and come in strawberry, jungle juice, and watermelon flavors.

      The Diamond CBD branded vape tank is unflavored and has 250 mg of full-spectrum CBD.

      Cost & Potency Breakdown of Diamond CBD Vape Tanks
      Product Name Total mg of CBD Price Per Pen Total mL Cost per mg CBD
      Diamond CBD Liquid Gold Vape Tanks (All Flavors) 120 mg $24.99 0.5 mL $0.21
      Diamond CBD Vape Tank 250 mg $49.99 1 mL $0.20
      C) Diamond CBD Vape Oils

      Lastly, if you have a refillable vape pen, Diamond CBD offers a variety of CBD vape oils in several flavors and sizes. Like the products listed above, the vape oils are available in strawberry, jungle juice, and watermelon flavors. The company also sells vape oil additives, so you can add CBD to your favorite vape oils.

      The vape oils are available in sizes ranging from 1 mL to 16 mL, with CBD potencies ranging from 42 mg to 670 mg.

      Cost & Potency Breakdown of Diamond CBD Vape Oils
      Product Name Total mg of CBD Price Per Pen Total mL CBD Concentration Cost per mg CBD
      Diamond CBD Vape Oils — 1 mL 42 mg $14.99 1 mL 42 mg/mL $0.36
      Diamond CBD Vape Oils — 5 mL 210 mg $49.99 5 mL 42 mg/mL $0.24
      Diamond CBD Vape Oils — 12 mL 500 mg $89.99 12 mL 41.67 mg/mL $0.18
      Diamond CBD Vape Oils — 16 mL 670 mg $119.99 16 mL 41.88 mg/mL $0.18
      Cost & Potency Breakdown of Liquid Gold Vape Oils
      Product Name Total mg of CBD Price Per Pen Total mL CBD Concentration Cost per mg CBD
      Liquid Gold Vape Oils — 1 mL 42 mg $30.00 1 mL 42 mg/mL $0.71
      Liquid Gold Vape Oils — 5 mL 210 mg $89.99 5 mL 42 mg/mL $0.43
      Liquid Gold Vape Additive — 12 mL 500 mg $99.99 12 mL 41.67 mg/mL $0.20
      Liquid Gold Flavored Vape Oils — 12 mL 500 mg $209.99 12 mL 41.67 mg/mL $0.42
      Liquid Gold Vape Additive — 16 mL 670 mg $129.99 16 mL 41.88 mg/mL $0.19
      Liquid Gold Flavored Vape Oils — 16 mL 670 mg $279.99 16 mL 41.88 mg/mL $0.42
      Cost & Potency Breakdown of Relax Vape Oils
      Product Name Total mg of CBD Price Per Pen Total mL CBD Concentration Cost per mg CBD
      Relax Flavored Vape Oils — 12 mL 500 mg $89.99 12 mL 41.67 mg/mL $0.18
      Relax Vape Additive — 12 mL 500 mg $89.99 12 mL 41.67 mg/mL $0.18

      5. Bath & Body

      Diamond CBD has a sizable collection of bath bombs, bath salts, body scrubs, beard oils, and body washes you can incorporate into your bathing routine. With the help of CBD and ingredients, these products are designed to leave your hair and skin feeling healthy, smooth, and moisturized.

      A) Diamond CBD Bath Bombs

      Each bath bomb from Diamond CBD contains 100 mg of CBD isolate and can be purchased for $19.99. They’re available in more than 10 unique scents, each with different formulas to make your bathing experience more enjoyable.

      Diamond CBD Bath Bomb Variations:
      • Eucalyptus Spearmint
      • Cotton Candy
      • Vanilla Sugar
      • Lavender Mint
      • Citrus & Snow Drops
      • Sandalwood
      • Coconut Cream & Lavender
      • Cherry Blossom
      • Vanilla Sugar & Patchouli
      • Citrus, Thang, & Coconut Cream
      • Warm Vanilla Sugar
      • White Gardenia
      • Sandalwood Rose
      Cost Breakdown of Diamond CBD Bath Bombs
      Product Name Total mg of CBD Price Per Bath Bomb Cost per mg CBD
      Diamond CBD Bath Bombs (All Scents) 100 mg $19.99 $0.18
      B) Diamond CBD Bath Salts

      Diamond CBD offers bath salts with either 100, 500, 1000 mg of CBD isolate per jar. They’re combined with essential oils to leave your skin smelling fresh and clean.

      The Bath Salts pro also includes anti-inflammatory agents to help relax and soothe sore muscles and joints.

      Diamond CBD Bath Salt Variations:
      • Almond Coconut
      • Satsuma
      • Therapy
      • Pink Sugar
      • Relaxation
      Cost Breakdown of Diamond CBD Bath Salts
      Product Name Total mg of CBD Price Per Jar Jar Size Cost per mg CBD
      Diamond CBD Bath Salts — 100 mg 100 mg $19.99 4 oz $0.20
      Diamond CBD Pro Bath Salts — 500 mg 500 mg $79.99 8 oz $0.16
      Diamond CBD Pro Bath Salts — 1000 mg 1000 mg $149.99 14 oz $0.15
      C) Diamond CBD Bath Topicals

      The last set of items in Diamond CBD’s bath & body catalog are made to be applied topically as part of your bath time beauty routine. These products may help your skin and hair stay moisturized, free from irritations, and smelling fresh. All of these bath topicals are available in two CBD potencies — 500 and 1000 mg per container.

      Cost & Potency Breakdown of Diamond CBD Bath Topicals
      Product Name Total mg of CBD Price Per Pen Total mL CBD Concentration Cost per mg CBD
      Diamond CBD Lotions & Moisturizers — 500 mg 500 mg $79.99 120 mL 4.16 mg/mL $0.16
      Diamond CBD Lotions & Moisturizers — 1000 mg 1000 mg $149.99 120 mL 8.3 mg/mL $0.15
      Diamond CBD Masques & Scrubs — 500 mg 500 mg $79.99 120 mL 4.16 mg/mL $0.16
      Diamond CBD Masques & Scrubs — 1000 mg 1000 mg $149.99 120 mL 8.3 mg/mL $0.15
      Diamond CBD Hair & Body Oils — 500 mg 500 mg $79.99 60 mL 8.3 mg/mL $0.16
      Diamond CBD Hair & Body Oils — 1000 mg 1000 mg $149.99 60 mL 16.67 mg/mL $0.15
      Diamond CBD Supreme Facial Serum — 500 mg 500 mg $79.99 30 mL 16.67 mg/mL $0.16
      Diamond CBD Hair & Body Washes — 500 mg 500 mg $79.99 120 mL 4.16 mg/mL $0.16
      Diamond CBD Hair & Body Washes — 500 mg 500 mg $79.99 120 mL 8.3 mg/mL $0.16

      6. CBD For Pets

      Our pets are able to reap many of the same CBD benefits as humans. Diamond CBD offers a solid range of oils and CBD-infused pet treats to help our furry friends live a healthier lifestyle.

      A) Diamond CBD Oils For Pets

      Diamond CBD offers CBD oils for dogs of varying sizes and a range of oils made specifically for cats. The company make specific recommendations depending on the size of your animal and the desired dose of CBD.

      Diamond CBD offers both flavored and unflavored options — making it easier to find a product to suit your pet’s preferences.

      The CBD oils range from as low as 25 mg bottles up to 350 mg. We always recommend consulting your veterinarian before giving your pets CBD — only your pet’s veterinarian is qualified to give you advice on how to administer CBD to your pet responsibly.

      It’s important to note that many of these oils seem to be the same product with different labels — As an example, the strong strength for small dogs appears to be the same oil as the regular strength for mediums dogs.

      For simplicity, we’ve organized the table below based entirely on the total CBD content in the bottle.

      Cost & Potency Breakdown of Diamond CBD Oils For Pets
      Product Name Total mg of CBD Price Per Bottle Total mL CBD Concentration Cost per mg CBD
      Diamond CBD MediPets CBD Oil — 25 mg 25 mg $29.99 30 mL 0.83 mg/mL $1.12
      Diamond CBD MediPets CBD Oil — 50 mg 50 mg $39.99 30 mL 1.67 mg/mL $0.80
      Diamond CBD MediPets CBD Oil — 100 mg 100 mg $49.99 30 mL 3.33 mg/mL $0.50
      Diamond CBD MediPets CBD Oil — 100 mg 150 mg $59.99 30 mL 5 mg/mL $0.40
      Diamond CBD MediPets CBD Oil — 250 mg 250 mg $69.99 30 mL 8.33 mg/mL $0.28
      Diamond CBD MediPets CBD Oil — 350 mg 350 mg $79.99 30 mL 11.67 mg/mL $0.23
      Diamond CBD MediPets CBD Oil — 550 mg 550 mg $89.99 30 mL 18.33 mg/mL $0.16
      B) Diamond CBD Pet Treats

      Diamond CBD also has a wide range of tasty CBD-infused pet treats for picky pets. Although each jar of treats has the same amount of CBD (100 mg per jar), they’re available in multiple flavors including chicken, beef, liver, turkey, steak, kabob, and more.

      Cost & Potency Breakdown of Diamond CBD Pet Treats
      Product Name Total mg of CBD Price Per Jar Treats per Jar CBD Per Treat Cost per mg CBD
      Diamond CBD Pet Treats — 100 mg 100 mg $39.99 Varies Varies $0.40
      C) Diamond CBD Sprays

      Lastly, Diamond CBD offers one convenient pet spray that can be added to your pet’s food or sprayed directly into their mouth.

      Cost & Potency Breakdown of Diamond CBD Pet Spray
      Product Name Total mg of CBD Price Per Bottle Total mL CBD Concentration Cost per mg CBD
      Diamond CBD Pet Spray — 100 mg 100 mg $49.99 30 mL 3.33 mg/mL $0.50

      7. Drinks

      CBD drinks are one of the quickest and most convenient ways to get your daily dose of CBD. Diamond CBD offers shots, coffee/tea, and syrups.

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